Where you’re from…

It’s amazing to see the stats every day – wordpress shows me on a map, where my blog visitors live. It’s unbelievable how many different countries there are shown.

Last post about that topic was before a little bit more than one year and it’s incredible how many countries came in addition since that.

Although I’m not able to visit the whole world, my blog does.


The stats shows also how many clicks a country generated. I’m wondering about the mass of countries without german background, ‚cause I am writing in German. I started writing the recipes in English for the international readers I know; but that are only the recipes. What are you doing? Do you understand the German texts? Do you just look at the pictures? Do you translate my articles? Or was it just by random? In the neighbour countries, I can imagine you are able to understand the texts; but who is there in Vietnam and Peru for example?

länderThis map on the top there shows every country a click comes from and there are countries which are too small – they are not seen on this map. I’m sure it’s the Dalai Lama visiting my blog 😀 He is sitting there on the Qomolangma in Tibet in 8.848 meters high with his TabletPC searching for an inspiration for lunch.. that’s realistic, right? 😉 nepalOr, have a look at this country.. very very small, big economic power with only 250.000 inhabitants. qatar

The most surprising country was Réunion.. Réunion is that small, it’s just a little point on the map. A little piece of France (sad history) beside Eastafrica – you can pay in Euro there 😀 I didn’t even know it’s existing.reunionIt’s great to see how farreaching the internet is and I’m happy about every visitor from everywhere. Maybe the map can be filled totally in the next months and leichtlebig (eng.: easygoing; btw 😀 ) reached the whole world. Let’s take over the world and then the universe.. yeah, ok.. universe could be unrealistic. 😀

But nevertheless, I’m proud you found your way through the boundless expanse to my little world. Thank’s so much and I hope to „see“ you here again and read your comments.

Best wishes!



5 Gedanken zu “Where you’re from…

  1. ich habe auch in meinem urlaub in vietnam oft deinen blog gelesen, kann das vlt auch ein grund sein? oder geht es hier rein um followers? ich finde es auf jeden fall toll, dass du so erfolgreich bist, das gewährleistet nämlich, dass ich dich noch lange lesen kann 😉

    • nee nee der erfässt alle, nicht nur die follower.. ich weiß nicht wonach das geht, aber wenn es rein darum geht wo man sich grade befindet müsste china viel mehr klicks haben; also könnte es sein, dass es darum geht wo der server für die ip steht? ich hab ja da keine ahnung..

      aber sei dir gewiss, solang es mich nicht langweilt, gibts auch weiter artikel 😀

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