{Styling} Fashion Hacks – Open Secrets

Life could be so easy.. if we just know how. Some people are smart, but not smart enough to share their knowledge with us. Kitchen Hacks are very popular right know and of course there are some Fahion Hacks as well. Let’s find out how to ease out daily Fashion Life.


1 – How to remove foundation stains and lipstick from your clothes

Kathleen Kamphausen

Make Up on a collar happens fast and is always annoying. Take some shaving cream for foundation and hairspray for lipstick at first and then toss it in the washer.

2 – Easy way to block sweat stains on your favorite shirt


Especially in summer it is not easy to block sweat stains. I had a lot of colleagues wearing jackets in summer in the banking business, not because they had to, but as their only way to cover the sweat stains on their shirts on hot days before meetings. Just use a slip liner under your arms to contain sweat.

3 –  How to remove dirt from suede shoes


Just use a nail file to buffer away dirt from suede shoes in an easy way without to ruine the shoes.

4 – How to stretch shoes fast and easy without pain


Just use thick socks and a hair dryer if you have shoes which do not fit perfectly. Heat the points you want to stretch and let it cool down. Take off the socks and try the shoes. Repeat if neccessary.

5 – How to get rif of sweater pills


Everybody knows those little annoying pillings on a sweater. You could pick them one by one with your fingers or just use a razor.

6 – How to have extra grip under very slippy soles


If your new shoes look great but have no grip, just use some sandpaper for the soles. Use it gently, but do not rough up too much.



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